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Mountain Green Corporate Blue - 3D Cover - LJ SaundersMountain Green Corporate Blue is a fictional work that looks at love from varying angles and its consequences.  There is parental love that decompensates into parental control and changes the course of Jane Dickenson’s life and that of each of her children.  Romantic love is called into question as her son Matthew Reynolds chooses to make a logical decision regarding marriage. There is the pain of lack of love in a sexless marriage that John Reynolds endures and Marcus’ physical acts of love that he calls into question and seeks to resolve. There is selfless love seen in the actions of various characters as they help one another without expectation of return.


All of their life journeys are carrying on unquestioningly until life brings together Matthew Reynolds, a corporate executive from New York with the beautiful and  talented Grace Collier from the Appalachian Mountains. A culture clash causes a deep soulful  introspection of each of them individually with interesting results for them all.

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Mountain Green Corporate Blue by LJ Saunders weaves an elaborate narrative of the various forms and adaptations of love. The novel intricately connects the seemingly independent lives of several households throughout the Northern and Southern United States. The variety of personalities effortlessly shifting in and out of the text will captivate any reader until the last page.

To obtain this more comprehensive profile, Saunders describes one main character as possessing “none of the prerequisites for belongingness. She was neither blonde (born or bottle), financially elite, Methodist or a Republican.” Individuals from various walks of life appear throughout Saunders’ work. Black and white, old and young, rich and poor, all perform thoughtful lines that capture the depth of a person’s longing to find a place to call “home.” In this manner, Saunders shatters emblematic character molds to showcase more well-rounded, complete people with in-depth personalities while engaging readers in a truly captivating manner.

Saunders’ characters provide a level of depth most readers will find pleasantly refreshing against a backdrop of corruption, deceit, matrimony, and family values. Saunders in other areas of the text incorporates descriptive sketches such as, “Hers was a beautiful and powerful presence. Her alabaster skin was unmarred.”

Moreover, Saunders goes beyond romantic love to capture the affection felt between a parent and child, grandparent and grandchild, as well as the fondness shared in brief encounters or lifelong friendships. Whereas often today lust and sex foreground romance novels, genuine love built on the foundation of faith, trust, and respect prevails as the focal point of Mountain Green Corporate Blue.

Throughout the novel, main characters identify foundational truths of love to encourage and uplift other characters and inspire readers. As one character explains, “[L]ove is kindness, love is trust, love is being humble in whatever circumstance this life may bring; love is feeling warmth in Matthew’s sideward glance at me, or the gentle pressure of his hand on my hand giving support and encouragement.” Readers from all walks of life stand to appreciate and to learn from the wistful narrative by LJ Saunders. An excellent text for any age, Saunders’ narrative will touch new parents and those with grown children, as well as newlyweds or those celebrating their twentieth anniversary. Mountain Green Corporate Blue touches on so many relationships and variations of love that every reader will find an interaction or two that will pull at heart strings and hark back to a touch of a hand or glint in an eye

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Jessica Tingling

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Mountain Green, Corporate Blue, by L.J. Saunders, takes readers on a journey through time with a series of flashbacks, slowly revealing both joy and heartache.This third person account opens with Matthew Reynolds as a young, wide-eyed child from an affluent but troubled New York family. Paralleling the account of his life is the retelling of Grace Collier’s experiences as a young girl in the Appalachian Mountains. Their lives become intertwined when the Dickenson Corporation, the source of the Reynolds family’s fortune, faces major legal setbacks. A chance meeting sets in place a string of events leading to more than one unconventional pairing during a time in history when social norms were beginning to see their first challenges.

L.J. Saunders has shaped strong characters within the pages of Mountain Green Corporate Blue. The unlikely relationship of Matthew Reynolds and Grace Collier, seemingly the book’s focal point, is nontraditional in a time and place when couples from varying economic backgrounds would have been discouraged from marrying. They do so, in fact, after an almost nonexistent courtship and begin a life together. Grace is an extremely powerful character, and for a while, I felt the book would be centered around her. She exudes a sense of reason, a calmness, and has an amazing sense of her own self-worth. She radiates an energy that is infectious throughout the plot and manages, without ever realizing it, to impact the lives of several of Matthew’s relatives.

Grace’s role in the book is, without a doubt, significant. The flashes back and forth between her early years in the mountains of Springdale County, Georgia to her later years as a grandmother make that clear. Her strength is evident when she is challenged by Matthew’s uppity family upon first meeting. Firm and focused, she replies to his father’s disparaging remarks, “I am not good at debate, but I excel at discussion.” She clearly affects …

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Literary Titan

Format: Kindle Edition

LJ Saunder’s novel, “Mountain Green Corporate Blue” is a great novel that touches on many aspects and struggles of life, but most importantly, it focuses on the core value of love. This isn’t a book that I would normally read, but after reading the description I knew I had to give it a try.

Most of the book is set in the South and in a religious setting; two things that I am not well acquainted with. So it’s interesting to see another part of the country’s culture. Grace has to be my favorite character, as she is about my age and moved away from her small town to learn music. I love stories of people who come back to their small towns to visit. This novel is very humble in nature, though it has its traditional ideas about marriage and love – and that’s okay! “Love at first sight” stories are hard to come by today, so if you like stories like that, then definitely check out this book.

The only issues I had with it was the formatting, as the paragraphs could be broken shorter and the bold lettering was distracting – but this was overshadowed as the novel was written very well. The descriptions in the book were not overly long and were intriguing. The character’s southern accents were written to allude to the accent but not each word is changed to a diction so it slows down the reading. It’s shorter than average, making it a quick and enjoyable read (my book myself being about this length; it’s what I prefer.)

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Taylor Thomas

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